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August 25, 2009

I have to remember to apologize to my sister.  I forgot her birthday. 

Yeah, I forget it almost every year.  This year was tough because she was waiting for a diagnosis on her husbands illness.  (He has a rare form of cancer.) 

So I missed it. 

I will be forgiven this time.  I was sitting with the wife all day waiting for a diagnosis of our own.

We saw the first ultrasound today.

We sat in the doctor’s office for two and a half hours.  When we finally went in, the last thing I expected was to be seated next to my wife while she had her legs in the stirrups. 

I was. 

The doctor came in, told us she was excited for us, did some quick physical checks, pulled out a little wand and bingo-bango, there’s our kid.  At the moment she’s the size of a large blueberry. 

From what I understand, she’ll start growing exponentially.

Then we saw the heart.  It was like watching a blinking strobe.  I was amazed and surprised and exhilarated and scared and numb - all at the same time.

I know she’s not a person yet.  She’s just a little tadpole of a thing.  But soon.  Soon she will be. 

It was watching that heartbeat that it all settled in:  I’m going to be a father.

What does that mean?  How does your life instantly change? 

I’ve been very protective of Angie lately.  I’m understanding what they told us in the evolution of human sexuality class…  Males get aggressive during estrus.  We get very protective of our pregnant females and our offspring.

It’s primal.  Very primal.

I couldn’t be happier.  Just crazy happy. 

Angie is just glowing.  That glow does happen.

It’s an actual change that occurs physically.

We now have a due date of the beginning of April.
Another Aries.  What would happen if she were early?  What if we had the same birthdays?  How do you deal with that? 

We have seven months to find out.


October 7, 2009 at 1:48 PM Matt said...

Good luck to your sister's husband, I hope everything is okay, I know how hard that kind of thing can be.

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