Stay at home dads

I am not alone.

I have several friends who are stay at home dads.  We're a growing community.  My friend Matt Briggs writes his own Dad blog over at  There are stay at home dad groups that get together in Central Park.  There are stay at home dad fantasy football teams...  Dixon, Matt, Sam...  I'm looking at you guys.

It's interesting to find ourselves addressing these gender roles head on.

My brother in law asked if I was going to be a stay at home dad and Angie'd go back to work.   I'm sure Angie was bracing herself for his reaction.  It's not something we grew up with.  There were no stay at home fathers in our neighborhoods.  No soccer dads... there were dads who coached soccer, but no "soccer dads." 

There were unemployed deadbeats...  but that's different.

Not anyone who did it by choice.

My brother in law said, "Yeah, I guess we always figured that was how they'd do it."

Thank you.  Angie respects the opinion of her family so much and that validation helped.

I have realized that I am not alone.  Stay at home dad's of the world unite!


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