a sick household

We're getting our first experience with a sick baby.

We recently got back from  week long cruise of the Caribbean.  Twenty-one members of the family attended this cruise and we almost didn't go.  When the trip was planned, Turtle was still in utero, so needless to say we felt uncomfortable booking him on the trip.  After he was born, we decided against the trip because we thought, "Really?  An eight month old on a floating petri dish?"

Turns out he was just fine.

He even made a little trip into Cozumel, despite our initial promise to not leave the ship.

But somehow, on the last day of the trip, Mom caught strep throat.  Our little one, already getting over a slight cough, has been fine, but he's completely stuffed up and has been combating a runny nose and congestion and a very weepy eye.  (which freaks me out.)

I've spent a couple sleepless nights between the wife's heartbreaking cough and constantly monitoring Turtle's breathing - like his stuffy nose is going to prevent him from breathing at all...  I know it's not going to happen, but I still check.

Somehow I've managed to come out unscathed (knock wood) but the VanDijk house is definitely under the weather.

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