Get here already!

I've been having a lot of fun with my wife's belly.  It hasn't been as much fun for her, but it's been a gas for me!

He's stretching.  A lot.  I saw a foot.  It's crazy.  Her entire stomach moves.

He stretches and is moving a lot lately and it's causing her a lot of pain.  I never thought of it, but when he kicks, he's kicking organs.  He stretches and he pushes on muscle and skin.  It's a tough gig carrying a kid. 

Several times my wife has said, "I wish you could just take him for a while."

I'm sure by around June, when she goes back to work and I rotate into stay-at-home dad mode, she'll be saying the opposite. 

I'll suddenly be the bad cop.  I get to be home doing all the poop clean up and chasing him around, keeping him from playing in the kitty litter or killing the cat and she can come home and bathe him, play with him, read to him - as I try to find an adult to talk to... to have an actual conversation longer than five words.  She'll be the good cop.

And I think that's okay. 

We're just ready for him to get here.


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