I'm knee deep in paint.  Re-painting our front room (a big dark blue wall was not a good idea in a light starved room), painting the kid's room, choosing colors, trekking to Home Depot, then waiting in line for paint, forgetting my wallet, trekking back in the cold, getting it, back to Home Depot, getting my paint, putting up color samples in 2x2 squares, rethinking our color schemes, trekking back to Home Depot, avoiding getting hit by a car, scrubbing the paint from my brushes... why won't it all come off...? 

The trick is to nest, paint and have the apartment clean before Angie comes home so she can relax and rest while I make dinner and brownies.

I kind of love it.

Yesterday we spent two hours looking at strollers.  Three of them.  We narrowed it down to three of them.  Two hours.  And we still don't know.  Each had a flaw.  Maybe we're too picky.  Who knows.

But the nesting is rather fun.


January 11, 2010 at 2:41 PM Anonymous said...

You are absolutely not too picky. You are nervous. You are about to be a daddy for the first time. We had our first child only 5 years ago and it was one of the most stressful events of my life. My wife and I looked at cribs for days. Days. Really - days. And then we picked one. It still wasn't good enough. Not safe enough, not high enough, not . . . blah.

She's pregnant again. Due the first week of March. The stress levels are about 95% less. . . It's crazy. Once you get into it - you'll get it. Don't worry.

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