My wife

If you haven't read my wife's blog lately, you should.  The link is on my banner:  The Actor's Wife.

If you have read it, you'll see that she's written a couple times about me.  I think I'll return the favor.

Much of the fun of this pregnancy is watching her go through it.  Her style statement is Composed Grace and it fits her.  She has managed to find a way to make being pregnant very simple and very elegant.  We have not hand any major issues and the pregnancy has been going smoothly.  Lately our wee one has been kicking like crazy.  The other day we watched a foot poke against her skin again and again.  Last night she jolted upright around 4 a.m.  He kicked her hard in the ribs.  I laughed, saying, "of course he's kicking." 

She then put her hand on me, finding my lowest rib.



"Bottom one?"

"Yeah... Why?"

She then punched me.  "That's what it feels like."

That's the girl I married twelve and a half years ago.

She sits next to me and watches football.  She gets the joke.  She can keep box scores at a Yankees game, something I don't know how to do.  She can know what I'm thinking before I think it.  We can look at each other and have an entire conversation.  She is strong, smart and has allowed me to be a bit crazy with the whole baby thing.  She is willing to entertain any crazy idea I have, hence the reason she has a fanny pack style contraption making various heartbeat sounds strapped to her belly twice a day.

And she's been willing to be an actor's wife for twelve years.  That, in itself, deserves an award.


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