Explosive Poop!

In the middle of a diaper change, my wife was startled by a loud, "Ah, shit!"

It was me.

My son has, twice, had explosive poop episodes while I'm changing his diaper. 

It's not gross.  It's not strange.  Babies do little else.  They eat, they poop and they sleep.  We are armed with a stack of wash-cloths...  btw... new parents - think back to what people did before wet wipes.  Yeah.  A warm wet towel.  Your baby hates nothing more that an ice cold wet wipe on his/her ass.  And if you wasted money on a wet wipe "warmer"...  get off this blog.  I mean it.  Go.  No soup for you.  Get a few cheap washcloths (Ikea: 12 for $2) get warm, warm water - and wipe your babies bum.  Save a grundle of money.  How much is a grundle?  No idea, but it's a lot.  Save the wet wipes for the diaper bag.

Back to explosive poo.

Babies have a gastro-colic reflex.  It's what makes babies eat and poop simultaneously.  Thankfully, we outgrow this. 

Well, some of us outgrow it. 

So, he poops.  He doesn't necessarily wait to do it when the diaper is on.  Sometimes he does it on the changing table while dad yells out, "Ah, shit." 

But it's good poop. 

Good poop has been described as mustardy yellow - yellow/tan with hints of green... and seedy.

His has been a brilliant mustardy yellow.  And seedy.

Which leaves me one question - one that is "Ah, shit" worthy:  Since he's on a breast milk/formula liquid diet... where do the seeds come from?


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