lesson: Keep your eyes and ears open

There are a lot of things I want to teach my boy.  This is of them.  Keep your eyes and ears open!

I walked across Seventh Ave today, sans headphones.  I try not to wear them on my commute, unless I'm trying to drown something out.  I was privy to the best train conductor in the city on the V train today who is as entertaining as he is informative.  It's a treat to get on his train, so I was feeling particularly upbeat.

As I'm cruising across the street, taking it in, carrying my weekly latte (the coffee here at Le Showtime is horrid...) I step off the curb and I notice a lovely young woman so engrossed in her text-ing that she is completely oblivious to everything happening around her; traffic, other pedestrians zipping around her, a firetruck turning the corner... everything.

Nothing is so important.  No conversation is that important.

If it is... STOP.  Have the conversation.  Then move on.

The bubble of oblivion she'd created around herself cut her off from any interaction with another human being.

She probably got to work and immediately slipped into her cubicle and continued texting or im'd her bff about how she just couldn't seem to meet the right guy  OMG.  LMAO...  LOL.

Hello!  Look up!  He might be right in front of you!

I find myself running into friends on the street all the time.  We notice each other from up the street because we're active participants in the moment we're in. 

I've also heard from friends who say, "I was just there!  Why didn't I see you?"

"Were you on the phone/texting/im-ing?"


"That would be why."

So keep your eyes and ears open.


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