blogger's block

I've been working on this post for weeks. 

The truth is I have little to report.  The turtle and I are in a routine and things are running smooth.  That's not to say I haven't had challenges.  I've had to remind myself several times to take a breath and all will be fine - he has very few needs right now and I am miraculously able to meet them all.

So, I have little to report.  He's brilliant.  He smiles and has this giggly, cooing, rolling laugh.  I don't really believe in angels much less a chorus of them floating above us, wings outstretched, but if I did, they'd sound like him... that laugh.

He's amazing. 

But I've been dry when it comes to writing here. 

Maybe it's that I've been doing a lot of work lately and after staring at a blank screen for hours, squeezing words from my veins, I just don't have anything left.  It's Hemingway's dreaded "blank page."  

Maybe it's that I've been watching my sister and her husband say their goodbyes as he fights cancer. 

The horror of leaving Angie and Turtle is unimaginable.  He finally succumbed to the disease yesterday.  He leaves behind a young son and my sister's three that he treated like they were his own. 

What they are going through makes my blogger's block seem petty.


But it's made me cherish every moment I get with my son.  


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