sorry... been a while... sorry.

I am a graduate of the baby... pre... something.

Our Lamaze teacher does not hate me.  I think the first week, she was frustrated that we had to re-jigger the calendar due to a storm.  She turned out to be lovely and the experience was so enlightening and informative.

I have to admit that I've been very frustrated with New York City and it's "Big snowstorms."  I've been expecting the fluffy white snow of my youth and instead have had to settle for this frozen rain that beats down on you from an extreme angle like it's attacking you.  This isn't snow.  It's an ice storm.  And I'm sorry, but 8 inches does not a blizzard make.
However... today! 

Today from my perch on the 17th floor of this big glass building, from the windows of a network-not-to-be-named-but-that-is-a-direct-competitor-of-HBO-and-their-big-monstrous-black-cube-on-42nd-Street...  I'm watching snow!  Real snow!  big puffy white snow floating down.  This is a snow storm!  The Hudson River blanketed.  10 inches in a few hours!


It's fitting.  I've been thinking of home a great deal.  Home where I grew up.  Maybe it's part of nesting, part of figuring out what it is I want for my son, my family.  Could we end up out west one day?


Will it be soon?

Who knows.

Can I teach my son those same "homespun" Western values here while he is also exposed to the richest spectrum of culture, art, food and opportunity?


Will he have an appreciation of small town/small city life while growing up in the biggest little city in the world?


Will he understand that he is part of a whole?  Will I be able to impart in him an understanding that if you are stronger, you have a responsibility to protect the weak, not exploit them?  Will I be able to teach him to seek out those with less and help them how he can?

Who knows.

Will be able to survive the first really nasty dirty diaper?

I hope so.


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